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    Please find answers to commonly asked questions below.

    We are Tech Tap Solutions. A managed service provider (MSP) who provides solutions to customers for all of their IT needs.

    We provide managed IT services for you and your business to make sure that you work without interruption.

    Cost depends on the amount of computers you have. Typically, you are charged per device managed and what services you want for those devices.

    The cloud put simply is just many computers connected to the internet outside of your physical location.

    Your content is protected by the one of the highest security in the industry. AES 256 bit encryption. The same encryption used

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    You data never leaves the United States. Any backup or data you want stored stays on servers located throughout the U.S..

    That depends on your current system infrastructure and what you are trying to accomplish. Most of the time, new hardware isn’t necessary.

    The requirements are most devices and an internet connection.